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How The Pros Create Successful Products

Just wanted to stop by for a second and see if you had a chance to think about joining me and other online makers like yourself for Product Creation Masterclass built by ConvertKit. This Masterclass will take a deep dive into the steps it takes to create products for your online business so you can start making a living online.

What is Product Creation Masterclass

Product Creation Masterclass is the comprehensive guide to building a product from scratch.

They have jam-packed this FREE four-week Masterclass with everything you need to know to build, promote, and sell your very first successful product. Product Creation Masterclass includes:

  • -20 daily lessons
  • -4 expert interviews
  • We’re also partnering with some incredible companies to help you create your product. You’ll have access to:
    • Teachable
    • Thinkific
    • SamCart
    • MeetEdgar

I want to give you a sneak peek inside one of the expert interviews included in this free Masterclass. This first one comes from Melyssa Griffin, online educator and course creator. In her interview Melyssa first talks about why and how she made the transition from a freelance designer to an online teacher.

“Being a service provider didn’t feel like I had the freedom in my business that I was looking for. I wanted creative freedom for something I wanted to do.” – Melyssa Griffin

There’s a big difference between taking one-on-one client work and shifting to product creation. If you’re truly ready to be your own boss and find the creative freedom that Melyssa did, you’ll definitely want to be a part of this training to hear about all the trial and errors that got her to where she is today.

Her interview is also filled with amazing advice on how to:

  • Find a topic to create your courses on
  • Narrow the focus for a course
  • Create repeat customers and raving fans
  • Associate you and your brand with value
  • Perfect and improve your launch conversion rates
  • Change your fear and failure mindset

And that’s just in Melyssa’s interview! If you sign up for Product Creation Masterclass, you’ll also hear from:

  • Jeff Goins – Blogger, speaker, and author of The Art of Work and Real Artists Don’t Starve.
  • Maya Elious – Course creator, speaker, and coach for experts wanting to a make larger impact online.
  • Chris Guillebeau – Writer, entrepreneur, and Host of Side Hustle School.

You get all this incredible information along with 20 daily lessons from us and access to companies like Teachable and Instapage to help you make your product a success all for free.

We really hope you’ll join us for this month-long masterclass to help us make a better world with valuable products that help people live a life they love.

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