Why I switched from Aweber to ConvertKit after 5 years


I always felt Aweber was Clunky unlike ConvertKit which feels Smooth

Hi, after years using Aweber as my email marketing software I always wondered if there was something better out there. Now I finally discovered ConvertKit. Here's my story.

I started out with Aweber about five years ago and now have approx. 5000 subscribers. I have often wondered which service is best; there are so many of them. But I went with Aweber because it is often given top recommendations by bloggers and marketers.

It has served me ok, but I have always found it a little clunky and resource hungry. Clunky being that it's just not smooth and easy to access all the features I would like. And resource hungry because I live in the Philippines for about three months of the year. Because of the slow internet, I find that Aweber is one of the hardest websites to access while I'm here.

One of the new concepts with email marketing is list segmentation which is to move people around to different lists according to which email links the click. That might seem advanced for you at this point, but all the big marketing gurus rave about it.

So recently Aweber added a feature called campaigns to facilitate list segmentation. It's so complicated that I couldn't be bothered to try to figure it out and in my mind making it even more clunky.

So this is where I start to wonder if there is something better out there. I check out a few of the other services and none of them look much different. It also means starting from scratch with my email sequences and importing subscribers, it's just not easy to change over to a new sercvice espeacailly when I'm sure will be any better.

Higher End Services

Now there are some other services out there that I have heard do a lot more particularly in regaurds to list segmentations and tracing. One well know one is Infusionsoft, which is supposed to be the Grand Daddy of all email marketing and business management. But it cost over $300 a month so thats out.

Anyways I'm still feeling like I'm missing out on something yet paying about $55 us a month for 5000 subscribers.

Anyways I made contact with a writer on UpWork and checked out his blog. We got talking about marketing and some of the different services he uses for his online business.

When we talked about email list building, he told me he was using ConvertKit. He then told me to check it out that it was super easy to use and very effective for bloggers and his small business as well

So I did and signed up, I even insisted he sends me his affiliate link so he would get credit.


My Account Dashboard in ConvertKit

So here is what I liked about convert kit.

It does not use lists; it used tags or multiple tags and segments (groups of tags). There is only one list of subscribers. Other services also use tags, but because ConvertKit does not use lists, you will never end up with the same person on multiple lists. That is a problem with many of the other programs, you end up double emailing people and paying twice for one subscriber.

It is super easy to use you just set rules so if someone clicks on a link or buys a product you can add a tag. That way you can send them more info on a certain topic or stop sending them info if they purchased a product, very flexible.

With ConvertKit you can build an opt-in form, a landing page, the forms can be static, triggered by an exit intent or a popup form.

Transferring my Subscribers

I moved my subscribers over, and set up my email sequence and had it up and running in a few hours. Pretty amazing considering how long it took me to figure out Aweber.

Now it's true I know a lot more now than I did start out with Aweber. But Aweber still feels clunky. ConvertKit is much smoother and more what I expect a software program should feel like to today's standards.

Anyways I am just sharing my experience and glad that I'm now in the right place after feeling like something was missing for so long.


Pricing is comparable to Aweber and other Email List Services. However remember that with the one database system you will never have email subscribers in ConvertKit more than one time, ever. To start out with 1000 subscribers, it is about $20 US (I don't know for sure because my price is $29 CAD) and it gets cheaper as the number of subscribers increases.


I would appreciate your support it doesn't cost you any more if you want to sign up through my link. After you sign up, you can become an affiliate.

Here is my affiliate link I would appreciate your support it doesn't cost you anymore if you want to sign up through my link. After you sign up, you can become an affiliate (you can't sign up through your own link).


I encourage you to try out ConvertKit and if you like it then do as I am doing. Share your experience and send people your affiliate link.

Thanks Marty




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